The Game Changer Collection


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Its THE Game Changer of HAIR..... 

The Game Changer Collection. A small collection of must have products used for your hair extensions, as well as natural hair that is super damaged and needs some added love. Includes our Mane Attraction magic duo shampoo + conditioner. Mane Attraction Shampoo cleanses and clarifies your hair whilst delivering direct hydration to the cuticle. With each wash, you will not only clarify your scalp but you will be also be rid of flakes and dandruff. Our intensely hydrating Mane Attraction Conditioner will nourish your mid-lengths to ends, allowing for any dryness to disappear. Your hair will feel balanced and smooth, from roots to tips. In order to ensure your hair stays balanced and healthy, included in this collection is our secret weapon, The BTS - Behind-the-Scenes leave-in cream. A post wash, leave-in treatment applied on mid-lengths to ends, that also doubles as a mid week re-hydrater. Say hello to healthier hair with our three best sellers.